Bellydance: Expectation VS Reality

When you hear the word “bellydance”, what comes to mind? Sparkly costumes? Glamour? Fashionable and Sexy? Of course, with anything, there are some expectations that some students have as they begin learning this dance form when the reality is really quite different. Expectation: This Will Be Easy! Reality: It Takes Years to Get it RightContinue reading “Bellydance: Expectation VS Reality”

6 Tips to Conquer Stage Fright

I used to struggle with crippling stage fright. Every time I got in front of people, my heart would race, the sweating began, and I panicked. Only once did I almost faint, and that was with a high school presentation that I wasn’t 100% ready for. How did I get over the stage fright? ItContinue reading “6 Tips to Conquer Stage Fright”