I have always had music in my life; my father is a rock drummer, my mother loved to perform and dance, and my great-grandfather was a talented ukulele player.

Introduced to bellydance in 2005, I began bellydancing for exercise.  After moving to Japan in 2008, I was inspired to join a local bellydance studio in Tokyo.  I enrolled in the most prestigious and well known studio in Japan, Lapis Entertainment, headed by Kayo Aoki.  I was able to learn Egyptian and Turkish dance from the many dedicated and amazing Japanese veteran teachers at the studio, such as Gamila, Miharu, and Tomoka.

From 2011, I got a taste for the stage, and began performing at large events and restaurant shows in the Tokyo area.  I have been blessed to performed on the same stage as superstar dancers Dina and Soraia Zaied from Egypt, and with many of my amazing teachers.  Being in a huge metropolitan area with a lively dance scene allowed me to dedicated my time and energy to attending many master teacher workshops and intensives to educate myself in presenting the dance in a respectful way.

I continue to study with various teachers from around the world, and enjoy delving deeper to understand the culture that Oriental Dance originates from.  I continue to perform and enjoy the interaction I have with the audience, the music, and myself.  There’s nothing like it!

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