How I Practice Bellydance to Improve Quickly

I know it can be challenging to practice dance. Especially if you are a serious hobbyist or looking to become a professional Belly Dancer.

In my 14 years of Belly Dancing, one thing has become so blatantly important:


But when you hear that, you might think,

“Well, how DO I practice?”

“What’s the best way to practice?”

“How do I choose what to practice?”

The list of things we can practice is quite long- technique, props, musicality, improv, rhythms, and the list goes on and on! It’s pretty difficult to pick. Plus, life can be so busy that we forget to practice.

One thing to remember is the longer you practice does not equal quality practice. I will allot 1 thing to practice and do it for one whole song. Then, I go on with my day.

Now, you may be thinking just one song isn’t enough, but it’s all about making a plan.

By choosing just one thing to practice, I can focus just on that. I focus on the motions, the feelings, check video of myself, and explore. All that in just one song!

And I do this every single day. My teacher, Gamila, told me to practice my shimmy for 1 song every day to get better, faster.

I do practice every day for 10 minutes and I notice a huge change in my dancing. So, what she said has a lot of merit!

So, it goes to show you that practicing for just 10 minutes (almost) every day can greatly affect how quickly you improve your dancing!

If you’re looking for something to practice in a short time, check out my 5 Moves Every Beginner Should Know FREE video tutorials!

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