The Secret to Being a Better Belly Dancer in 2023

I’m going to let you in on a little secret…

The one thing that is going to help you grow as a dancer is to have confidence in your dance!

I know. It sounds too easy, and it’s even more difficult to obtain.

Confidence tends to be an ever elusive dream that a lot of us have. Whether it’s in art, dance, work, or in just being ourselves, having confidence is a tough thing to cultivate and hold onto.

What does a lack of confidence in Belly Dance look like?

A lack of confidence can be seen in several ways:

1. No facial expressions, constant smiling face with wide eyes or the “concentration face” while dancing.

2. Second guessing your body’s movement choice resulting in clunky dancing.

3. Using the same 1-2 movements over and over with no variations or embellishments.

How can I get more confident in dance?

There’s many ways you can gain more confidence in dance, especially in improv, which is the bread & butter of Belly Dancing.

The most important one is to practice, practice, practice!

Another is to find a mentor to help you through any challenges you face in dance.

Also, learning to just be yourself in dance!  This means trusting your first instinct when it comes to movement.

When you have more confidence in your dancing, the audience can see it! They will enjoy the journey you are about to take them on, as will you! I want you to enjoy dancing, not dread it because you worry about “is this right?” or “what if this is wrong?”. This is the key to growing as a dancer!

Are you ready to level up your dance? Take my new course, Musicality for Beginners, where I help you build a stable foundation in improv that will allow you to dance with more confidence!

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